Illinois Small Business
Development Center at WIU

Dan Voorhis


Building a business starts with an idea. After you identify and develop a focused business idea you can take the next step of establishing the business legal structure and getting the licenses you need. Once the business gets started the real work begins: creating the product or providing the service, keeping the books, hiring employees, marketing and attracting customers.

You will face different challenges and different needs at each phase of the business development process. Schuyler County agencies and organizations provide support throughout the business development cycle. It can be helpful to think of the business lifecycle as proceeding through three main phases:

This web site describes what we have in Schuyler County and the surrounding area to help you at each of these stages. Within any of these stages you will come to crossroads where you need to make important decisions, so we are including a fourth section on Resources for Key Decisions.

You as an entrepreneur and your business will both look different at each phase in this cycle. As you start your company, you may need to find opportunities to network with other aspiring business owners. After you’ve been operating for several years, your needs may focus on how to set up effective human resource practices or enter overseas markets. Each company and each individual is different, so it is important to be able to access support and services that are relevant to your specific needs. This web site is designed to help you with exactly that.