If you’re a Schuyler County resident thinking of starting a business, or you want to grow your small business, you are not alone. Each year, hundreds of individuals in Western Illinois take the leap to start a business. They join approximately 5,000 independent businesses that already operate in western Illinois.

Western Illinois is home to dozens of organizations—whose primary mission is to help startups and people already in business. Some of these organizations, such as the Illinois Small Business Development Center at Western Illinois University, are linked with state-funded community colleges and universities. There are also many non-profit organizations and private service providers who work with new and growing businesses throughout the state.

These organizations want to help you succeed in business. If you want training, technical support, advice, marketing help, or even a loan, you can get it in the Schuyler County region.


Illinois Small Business
Development Center at WIU

Dan Voorhis

This web site explains how to find the services that fit your situation.
To succeed as an entrepreneur, it’s up to you to take charge of your dreams and take responsibility for building your business. The support organizations mentioned here will do their best to provide specialized training and assistance to help you achieve your goals—as well as refer you to experts they know in their regional business development networks.